News release

2018/1/26 Publish Outline of 2019 Mobac Show.




MOBAC SHOW 2019, the only specialized general exhibition in Japan for the bakery and confectionery industries, is going to be held.

The show was held 25 times in the past, being highly rated in Japan and abroad as a business show, in which machinery, equipment, tools, raw materials, and sub-materials necessary for bakery and confectionery industries are exhibited together.

Please take part in MOBAC SHOW.


  • MOBAC SHOW 2019


  • Linking Technology and Widespread Sweet Smile


  • It is object of MOBAC SHOW 2019 to promote development of new technologies and new products through the show dedicated to bakery and confectionery machinery, raw materials and sub-materials, packaging machines, other equipment and tools related to bakery and confectionery, other food processing machinery all indispensable in the bakery and confectionery industry as well as to provide a place for exchanging information on the needs of the market to thereby contributing to the development of food industry and betterment of food culture.


  • Tatsu Bldg, 1-18-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


  • Feb.20(Wed.)-23(Sat.), 2019 for 4 days

♦Opening time

  • 10:00 - 17:00



  • 33,750㎡ exhibit areas


  • 1,000 Yen (inclusive 8% consumption tax)


  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(MAFF), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), All Japan Federation of Bakers Associations, Japan Baking Industry Association, The Council for Promotion of Bread as Staple Food, All Japan Association of Confectionary Manufacturers, The Federation of Japan Confectionary Associations, etc.


MOBAC SHOW has been held every two years in Osaka and Tokyo alternatively, since the first show was held in 1971, as "an international exposition of bakery- and confectionery-related industry" showing machinery, equipment, appliances, materials, sub-materials and related information as well as manufacturing technologies and will reach the 26th show this time.
With increasing concern of consumers about safety and reliability of food and health, how we should provide consumers with safe and reliable bread, confectionery and other food and how we should develop new products befitting the needs in the new age are called for.
In view of compositely responding to the problems, MOBAC SHOW will make every effort to further fulfill the content of the show in order to build up a system capable of providing bread, confectionery and other food safe and reliable to consumers and of protecting the people’s health, while aiming at enhanced rich dietary life.
We hope you to place expectations in MOBAC SHOW making a certain proposal to creation of the bright future of the bakery and confectionery industry and the food culture that can be brought down to the next generation.
You are invited to MOBAC SHOW 2019, where multilateral information ranging from rationalization in bread and confectionery production sites up to development of new shops and building of new business.

*Previous Data (MOBAC SHOW 2017 in Osaka) Visitors
35,846 persons (incl. 2,912 overseas visitors)
Industrial Sector
  • Bakery  29.2%
  • Confectionery  21.6%
  • Other Food Manufacturers  9.6%
  • Trading Houses & Agents  5.9%
  • Food Service & Distribution  11.0%
  • Machinery Manufacturers  6.1%
  • Others  16.6%

Business Performance
  • Number of contract 48,782
  • Amount of contract 72,888,000,000 yen
  • Number of actual business 5,700
  • Amount of actual business 2,677,000,000 yen



A "Must" for Persons Related to the Food Industry

MOBAC SHOW, which has conventionally been an exposition mainly covering machinery, has now outgrown to be a comprehensive specialty show extensively covering raw materials, sub-materials, new products, marketing information, etc., in addition to food machinery.
Wide and multi-phased information will be provided in the range from rationalization in production sites for bakery and confectionery products and development of new stores or shops up to building of new business sectors.
You are invited to the SHOW by all means.
  • Bakery Machines
  • Confectionery Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Flour Milling Machine
  • Packaging Machines
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Freezers & Refrigerators
  • Installations for Stores and Shops
  • Commodity Distribution Equipment
  • Row Materials and Food ingredients
  • Frozen Dough
  • Packaging Materials & Sub materials
  • Analytical and Testing Equipment
  • Energy Supply
  • Equipment for Safety and Hygienic Control
  • Information Processing Equipment and Related Software
  • Plant Construction
  • Technical Books
  • Other Related, Industrial Machinery
  • Other Related Equipment and Appliances


Application Form Application Form

Exhibitors Information


  • MOBAC SHOW 2019


  • February 20(Wed.)-23(Sat.), 2019 for 4 days



  • Indoor 8.82㎡(2.97m x 2.97m)
  • 313,200 Yen (Inclusive 8% Consumption Tax)


  • (1) Deadline
  •  Applications will be accepted between February 1(Thu.) and August 31(Fri.) 2018. However, applications will be closed prior to the final deadline in the event that all booths are booked.
  • (2) Form
  •  The necessary information should be entered in the product display application form attached PDF file. Overseas Exhibitors see below*.
  • (3) Fees
  •  An application fee of 50,000 Yen per booth is payable at the time of application.(Receipts will not normally be issued in the case of bank transfers.)
  • (4)Acceptance
  •  The organizer may defer or decline the acceptance of goods for display.The organizer will not be bound by the requests stated in the application form.
  • (5)Formal Application
  •  A formal application will be regarded as having been made when the application form and application fee are received by the organizer.

Display Contract

  • (1) Period
  •  Display contract formalities will be completed in the period from October 1(Mon.) to October 31 (Wed.), 2018.
  • (2) Signing
  •  a) The organizer will provide the applicant with two copies of a contract specifying booth allocations. The applicant must sign both copies and return them to the organizer by the final date specified in (1), together with payment for the balance of booth fees (the amount after deducting the application fee). The organizer will sign both copies and return one copy to the applicant, thereby formally concluding the contact.
  •  b) The applicant acquires the right use a booth on conclusion of the display contract.

*Overseas Exhibitors

  • As formal documents are required in Japanese as the official language, overseas exhibitors are requested to apply through their governmental missions in Japan or a Japanese private company whom they have a contract with.

Cancellation and Contract Dissolution

  • (1) Request for the cancellation of applications and the dissolution of the contract will not be accepted as a rule.
  • (2) Exhibitors must notify the organizer in writing in the event that a display has to be cancelled due to unavoidable causes.
  • (3) Application fees and display fees will not be refunded in the event that an exhibitor cancels a display or dissolves the display contract.

Display payment should be transferred to

  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. Kyobashi Branch, Account, No.0130339
  • Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers' Association.

Fittings, Power, etc.

Basic Booth Fittings

Basic booth fittings to be provided by the organizer shall consist of rear and side walls and a parapet, a nameplate and a booth number. The cost of fittings other than these basic items shall be borne by the exhibitor. Booth fittings must not exceed a height of 2.7m.
Indoor 8.82㎡(2.97m x 2.97m)
313,200 Yen (Inclusive 8% Consumption Tax)
*Booth will normally be aligned in single or double lines.
*Special booth arrangements with a maximum frontage of 15.38m will be available for users occupying 20 or more booths.
*Please note that it may not be possible to provide booths as requested in all cases.

Electric Power

  • (1) All power costs shall be borne by the exhibitor.
  • (2) Applications: Exhibitors requiring a supply of electricity must apply to the organizer in advance and tender an "Application for the Supply of Electric Power" and a "Wiring Diagram" using the prescribed formats. Unless an application is made by the final deadline, it may not be possible to include the exhibitor's booth in the overall wiring diagram, making it impossible to supply power to the booth in question.
  • (3) Basic Power Supply Limit: The organizer will supply power for lighting, Product demonstrations, etc., up to the following limits (per booth) as per an application made by the exhibitor in accordance with the prescribed formats.
  •  AC, 1-phase, 2-wire (3-wire): 100V / 60Hz / 1.3kw(total)
  •  AC, 3-phase, 3-wire : 200V / 60Hz / 1.3kw(total)
  • (4) Electrical Installations and Costs.
  •  a) The organizer will undertake to install main power supply lines to a point close to the booth and will provide switchboxes. However, where the same exhibitor will be using two or more booths, only one switchbox (per voltage type) will normally be installed.
  •  b) The exhibitor will be responsible for the arrangement of electrical installations required to connect booth lighting and power lines to the main power lines supplied by the organizer in accordance with and subject to approval of the exhibitor's power supply application. The cost of such installations and payment for power used will be born by the exhibitor.
  • (5) Additional Power Main Installation Costs: When an exhibitor's power requirement exceeds the limits stipulated in (3), the exhibitor will be required to pay the cost of the installation of an extra power main in accordance with the following table.
  •  Excess (Over and Above Max. Supply Limit)
  •  Up to kilowatt: 6,480 Yen(3,240 Yen per additional 500W)
  • (6) Electric Power Charges: Power usage will be calculated at the rate of 60 Yen per kwH (as of February 2018, Exclusive 8% Consumption Tax) in accordance with wattage applied for, load and hours of use. This rate will be subject to change due to revision of electric power charge.
  • (7) Method of Payment: The costs of additional main power installation and power usage will be calculated according to the above rate and invoice issued to the exhibitor. Payment should be made to the organizer's office by the end of the show.
  •  Primary lines (installed by organizer)
  •  €100V mains / 200V mains / Main switches
  •  Secondary lines (installed by exhibitor)
  •   Lightings/ Outlets/ Other facilities
  •   Machinery/ Other facilities
  •   Switch board


  • In general, GAS will be the only form of gas available for heating purposes. A "Gas Application" must be lodged with the organizer in advance using the prescribed format, since it is necessary to obtain the approval of the five authorities. All costs incurred in connection with the installation of gas facilities and the cost of the gas itself shall be borne by the exhibitor.


  • Basic plumbing systems are provided in the pavilion. Exhibitors wishing to use these systems should forward a "Piping Installation Application" to the organizer in advance using the prescribed format. All installation costs and the cost of water usage shall be borne by the exhibitor.

Delivery and Removal of Exhibits

  • (1) All items must be delivered to the pavilion between 9 am and 5 pm on 18(Mon.) to 19(Tue.).
  • (2) All items must be removed from the pavilion between 6 pm and 10 pm on 23(Sat.) and between 9 am and 11 am on 24(Sun.).


  • (1) Exhibitors may carry out demonstrations within their own booths or in specified areas, provided that prior approval is obtained from the organizer.
  • (2) Exhibitors conducting such demonstrations must comply with all instructions from the organizer in order to maintain safety.
  • (3) Approval will not normally be given for sales of processed foods.

Invitations (Passes)

  • Exhibitors will be provided with the required number of free tickets. Specify the number required on the application form.
  • The standard admission fee for those not bearing invitational passes will be 1,000 Yen. (Inclusive 8% Consumption Tax)

Briefing for Exhibitors

    A briefing will be held for exhibitors in November 2018.

Change of Period

  • In the event that the period of the show is changed due to unavoidable circumstances, the organizer will accept no liability with regard to any loss incurred by exhibitors as a result.

Cancellation of show

  • In the event that the show must be cancelled due to natural disasters, force majeures or other unavoidable circumstances, the organizer will not normally accept any liability with regard to any loss incurred by exhibitors as a result.


  • Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers’Association
  • MOBAC SHOW 2019 Commission
  • Tatsu Bldg, 1-18-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061,Japan
  • Tel: +81-3-6673-4333 Fax: +81-3-6673-4568 E-mail: