MOBAC SHOW has been held every two years in Osaka and Tokyo alternatively, since the first show was held in 1971, as "an international exposition of bakery- and confectionery-related industry" showing machinery, equipment, appliances, materials, sub-materials and related information as well as manufacturing technologies and will reach the 27th show this year.
With increasing concern of consumers about safety and reliability of food and health, how we should provide consumers with safe and reliable bread, confectionery and other food and how we should develop new products befitting the needs in the new age are called for.
In view of compositely responding to the problems, MOBAC SHOW will make every effort to further fulfill the content of the show in order to build up a system capable of providing bread, confectionery and other food safe and reliable to consumers and of protecting the people’s health, while aiming at enhanced rich dietary life.
We hope you to place expectations in MOBAC SHOW making a certain proposal to creation of the bright future of the bakery and confectionery industry and the food culture that can be brought down to the next generation.
You are invited to MOBAC SHOW 2021, where multilateral information ranging from rationalization in bread and confectionery production sites up to development of new shops and building of new business.

*Previous Data (2017 MOBAC SHOW in Osaka) Visitors
35,846 persons (incl. 2,912 overseas visitors)
Industrial Sector
  • Bakery 29.2%
  • Confectionery 21.6%
  • Other Food Manufacturers 9.6%
  • Trading Houses & Agents 11.0%
  • Food Service & Distribution 5.9%
  • Machinery Manufacturers 6.1%
  • Others 16.6%

Business Performance
  • Number of contract 48,782
  • Amount of contract 72,888,000,000 yen
  • Number of actual business 5,700
  • Amount of actual business 2,677,000,000 yen



A "Must" for Persons Related to the Food Industry

MOBAC SHOW, which has conventionally been an exposition mainly covering machinery, has now outgrown to be a comprehensive specialty show extensively covering raw materials, sub-materials, new products, marketing information, etc., in addition to food machinery.
Wide and multi-phased information will be provided in the range from rationalization in production sites for bakery and confectionery products and development of new stores or shops up to building of new business sectors.
You are invited to the SHOW by all means.
  • Bakery Machines
  • Confectionery Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Flour Milling Machine
  • Packaging Machines
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Freezers & Refrigerators
  • Installations for Stores and Shops
  • Commodity Distribution Equipment
  • Row Materials and Food ingredients
  • Frozen Dough
  • Packaging Materials & Sub materials
  • Analytical and Testing Equipment
  • Energy Supply
  • Equipment for Safety and Hygienic Control
  • Information Processing Equipment and Related Software
  • Plant Construction
  • Technical Books
  • Other Food-related Equipment, Installations, Implements